Saturday, October 15, 2011

You know you're in love...

#1: When as soon as you wake up, you check your phone and see if he already left a message.

 #2: When your phone inbox is full of his messages and you have the compulsion to write all his messages in a notebook!

 #3: When you whisper a silent prayer for him before you sleep and when you mentally add his name to the list people your guardian angel should also protect.

 #4: When you asked somebody to surprise him with roses at his office because you are currently islands apart.

 #5: When his picture is your ipod wallpaper.

 #6: Kung maglalis mo kung kinsay una mo butang sa phone, "Ikaw una, sige ikaw na lang, dungan na lang ta, sige 1 2 3..."

 #7: When the first person you send an sms or call after your plane just landed is your beloved.

 #8: When you cook for your beloved - even if it is only sausages and eggs (no pun intended, or pwede na rin).

 #9: When you voluntarily deactivate your Grindr account.

 #10: When you introduced him to the family when showed sympathy by visiting the wake of your grandfather.

 #11: When about a few weeks ago, you were hooked up with George R.R. Martin's Westeros world but now all you think about is your beloved.

 #12: When you don't mind staying inside your room with your beloved the whole day - and it seems that we are the world! Haha!

 #13: When you edit and add AA at the beginning of his name in your phone book - para siya ang unang tao sa phone list mo.

# 14: When your beloved evokes varied emotions in you within an hour -- from happiness, acceptance, security, and excitement to sadness, fear of rejection, insecurity, humiliation, and anger.

#15: Kung siya at ikaw ang profile pic mo. (Bu-ak ra teh?!!)

#16: When listening to Adele doesn't hurt as much anymore.

#17: Kahit na nagkikita kayo araw-araw, pero tuwing paguwi mo, pakiramdam mo kulang pa rin ang pagsasama niyo.

#18: When strolling around the mall and looking for a monthsary gift for your beloved is therapeutic.

#19: When you distract yourself with a movie so that you wouldn't be missing him much on his weekend Bohol tour.

#20: When life is always beautiful.

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