Saturday, August 25, 2012


(Grabbed from Raphael Perez)

“Eto yung facebook niya, type mo ba?”

This was the first time I saw him, as my friend showed me the Facebook account of Carlo through his Android phone.

“Wow naman, pretty boy yan. Pretty boys like him will never date a geeky chubby guy like me.”

Carlo is exactly a pretty boy – a young man, petite, more beautiful than handsome. In his profile picture, he wore a black polo shirt and a smile that radiates beyond the captured photo.

“Add mo daw siya.” My friend told me as they were exchanging SMS.

 “Ayoko, hiya ako eh. Ano pangalan niya, search ko nga.”  As I discreetly opened his FB page through my iPod, I saw more profile pictures of him.

Shit. Ang guapo. Pero pretty boy talaga. I said to myself, as my heart pounded a little faster. Pretty boys are my type. But I was never lucky with pretty boys.

“In-add ka na raw niya,” my friend reported.

I excitedly opened the friend request tab. “Sure ka? Wala eh,”  I asked, a bit disappointed when I didn’t see his name.

“Oo, sabi niya. Patingin nga ng iPod mo.” My friend grabbed my iPod and quickly added him in my contact list.

“O ayan, I added him na!”

“Waaah, shit, sure ka? Kakahiya,” I reacted.


This was how it all began.

A year has passed, it is only now that I decided to write this story. I am writing this story because I do not want to forget. I am writing this story because stories like these - stories of people like me and our love - need to be written, read, and reread. I am writing this story because...  etong si pretty boy, geeky chubs like me pala ang type!

This time, I was a lucky guy afterall.

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